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Registering in Photo Phun Service , a user accepts the following terms of use:

§1. Mission
  1. The main aim of the site is to improve photographic skills of it's members by posting photos, commenting on them, exchanging critiques, comments and ideas about specific photo. Also, PhonoPhun allows its members to exchange information related directly or indirectly to photography.

  2. Site is multilingual. Pages may be viewed in any language. You can change the site language into another available and this will be saved in cookies on your computer. At present there are three languages to choose from - English, Polish and Spanish. The system recognises automatically the user's operating system language.

  3. It is allowed to write information about photos and oneself, critiques, and forum discussions in any language, however you should be aware that not every posting will be understood by every member.

  4. Active participation and exchange of honest, detailed, well justified opinions are very welcome.
§2. Account
  1. Each member is permitted to create single account only.

  2. Nickname chosen during the registering process is the unique account identifier.

  3. Site member may submit his real name and/or surname and enclose personal description. This information will be available to the general public.

  4. You are obliged to submit e-mail address which is required to complete the registration. It will also be used for contacts with PhotoPhun Administrator and Moderators. This e-mail address will never be published in any place inside or outside the PhotoPhun site. You are still allowed to change the email address while being member of PhotoPhun. However, your new email must be unique within the service.

  5. If the Administrator finds out that site member owns more that one account, he may suspend, lock or delete even all accounts of such member.
§3. Posting
  1. Each member is permitted to post one photo per 24 hours.

  2. The initial maximum size of submitted photos cannot exceed 300 kB. It may be changed however according to quality standards of Member's pictures and also his/her activity in the Service (critiques writing etc). The decision to increase the size of subsequently posted photos belongs exclusively to Administrator of the Site.

  3. Submitted picture must be in JPG format and its size should not exceed the maximum allowed for given member limit, with width of the photo ranging from 300 to 1100 pixels and height from 200 to 900 pixels.

  4. Member may remove his/her photo from the Site at any time. However, it will nor result in removing points and comments linked to the deleted photo.
§4. Ratings
  1. Each Member is allowed to rate images of other members by giving two notes - artistic and technical. Each of the two notes may range from 0 to 10 points. Awarding points is not obligatory, however members are encouraged to do it. Points, although not a perfect rating tool, provide opportunity to catch photos having bigger impact from others. On the basis of awarded ratings the system calculates the average number of points in each of the two categories. In turn, on the basis of accumulated ratings from all the photos of the given member the system calculates average rating values in each category for the given member.

  2. Technical merit considers technical level of an image (exposure and sharpness propriety, presence or lack of distracting elements, color saturation etc). A picture may arouse positive impact just because of being technically flawless although its content does not transmit any message to the viewer.

  3. Artistic merit considers the content of the photo and / or impact made on viewer(s) - it happens that a snapshot, although lacking good technical merit may be moving enough to receive points in artistic category.

  4. We realize that rating system mentioned above may appear controversial however we suggest - give it a try!

  5. Apart from awarding ratings each Member may write unlimited number of comments on chosen photos. As it was stated earlier active participation and exchange of honest, detailed, well justified opinions are very welcome. They will be helpful to all members in improving their photographic skills.

  6. Short and overly generalised comments ("Nice photo!", "Superb!", "I like it!", " Hopeless!") are not recommended.

  7. Member may remove at any time any own comment written about any photo, or any own posting to PhotoPhun forum. The trace of such comment or posting will however remain in the service - only the content will be deleted.
§5. Basic rules concerning published photos and texts
  1. Submitted photos and texts should fulfill some principles. They:

    1. should not violate any legal provisions, particularly the provisions binding in the country of the system's member, any rights of third parties and rights of other Members,

    2. shouldn't violate commonly accepted social norms,

    3. the attitudes of Members, which lead to creation of non-substantive scuffles that spoil the atmosphere of the Service are not welcome,

    4. comments including racial prejudice are strictly forbidden,

    5. discrimination of other people on the basis of different points of view is strictly forbidden,

    6. profanity, insults and rude comments are strictly forbidden,

    7. retribution and vengeance is strictly forbidden.

  2. Any critique and/or comment violating the above mentioned rules will be deleted and the participants will be banned temporarily or permanently from using the service.
§6. Moderating
  1. PhotoPhun Service is moderated. Every posted photo, comment and/or critique is subjected to Moderator's evaluation who may issue a warning to the offender.

  2. Moderator's decision may be appealed to Administrator of the system. Decision taken by Administrator is irrevocable and final. No discussions or explanations will follow.

  3. Any critique and/or comment violating the above mentioned rules will be deleted and the participants will be banned temporarily or permanently from using the service.

§7. Administrating
  1. The Administrator is responsible for PhotoPhun service work.

  2. The Administrator's decision is irrevocable and final and not subjected to further discussion.

  3. The Administrator has the right to ban temporarily or permanently membership without stating the reasons.

  4. The Administrator is allowed to suspend the Service without stating the reasons for the good and/or safety of the Service.

  5. The Administrator holds no responsibility for:

    1. a. the content of critiques and/or comments of Members,

    2. b. proper working of the Service, however he will spare no efforts to make it work unfailingly,

    3. c. the effects of improper use of the Service by its Members,

    4. d. the loss of content and damages to financial property.

  6. As a result improvements and functional additions to the Service, The administrator holds the right to introduce changes without prior announcements. However, such modifications and changes in the terms of use will be announced each time in the exposed place of the Service.
§8. Copyrights and responsibility
  1. By sending a photograph to PhotoPhun you confirm your authorship for the image.

  2. PhotoPhun Member retains the copyrights for the posted photos and texts, however the Administrator holds the rights for the indefinite internal publication of all submitted materials within the site as well as outside of it for PhotoPhun promotional purposes only.

  3. The Member acknowledges that in case of claims from other Members or third parties, caused due to actions undertaken by this Member, he/she will take over full financial and non-material responsibility resulting from such actions.

  4. No portion of this site shall be reproduced or transmitted in any way without prior, written permission from PhotoPhun, except for the materials published by its Members where written permission of the holding copyrights Member is required instead.
Copyright: Marek Brzozowski, 2007-2019