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Chased by snowflakes

TitleChased by snowflakes
Date posted2008-01-12 22:10:36

First nameMarek
Last nameBrzozowski




Decisive Moment

Technical data
This photo has been waiting quite a long time for re-posting... The last day of 2005, early afternoon. We went for a stroll. It was snowing heavily. My camera refused to go out without any protecting clothing, so I took cellophane bag, wrapped around it, fixing it with rubber ring, leaving only the lens unprotected, but with protector installed which normally is used to cut off sun rays instead (It worked - the lenses were dry almost all the time!) Crossing the tram rails we had to let pass the tram by. After it passed I saw behind it the turbulent cloud of snowflakes. I decided immediately - click! and we have it here :-)

  skhawar  2009-08-26 01:40:58   A 7
This is beauty. Stunning work with the .Khawar
T 8
  laaccia  2008-01-29 11:03:30  
Ho, ho, ho .. jaka zima ...! Tęsknię za taką...
Dobre zdjęcie - mroźne.
  Morgwathien  2008-01-23 20:18:22   A 10
Czesc Marku,
Szkoda, ze w tym roku nie mamy takiej zimy... Bardzo udana fotka. Zawsze lubilam padajace platki sniegu :) Swietna kompozycja, slupy trakcyjne dodaja glebi, a platki sniegu tworza w sumie dosc przytulny nastroj :) Znakomite zdjecie, gratulacje!
T 10
  birchee  2008-01-15 20:43:41   A 10
2 years 1 month later and it still looks great to me :-* (technically also 10 because i remember much effort put into taking this photo and difficult conditions)
T 10
  pozaru  2008-01-14 11:53:51  
Glad to see it again; it's a real beauty !!!

have a great 2008,
  Kilted-Arab  2008-01-13 11:52:26   A 10
Hello! I think the "artictic impact" from this shot is first class, very good indeed. The scene is wonderfully well composed with the tram appearing to head straight for us through the snow. The line of poles down the left combine well with the tram lines in leading our eyes towards the main feature - the tram itself. Technically I am sorry for marking down slightly, but I would have loved the tram to be in perfect focus. Sorry for being fussy - this really is an attractive image.
T 8
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